January 24, 2013
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Who asked, “Where is the love?” Well here it is. Its alive and well in Austin’s iconic JuiceLand. Getting liquid out of stuff has never been so amazing! They are spinning, pressing, blending, grinding and caressing juice out of a mind-boggling array of lovely produce.  The hysterical range and combination of ingredients have names to suit. JuiceLand is an experience for your senses. The Technicolor freak fest of juice that flows out of here tickles your nose with the effervescent smell of freshly creamed deliciousness. Each location has a hip vibe and fresh music from the hearts of their juicing team.  The love, which you taste in the juice, is also derived from the warmth of the beautiful people making it happen for you. If you are lucky, or if you ask, you might even get a hug!  They buy local and organic where possible, have a committed waste diversion program including composting and use compostable products. Thanks JuiceLand!